Right This Way offers many services for your access needs.

At Right This Way we offer a number of services to meet your accessibility needs.

Event Planning

Planning and organizing events can be a daunting task!

Planning events from the initial concept forward, organizing and managing events and the nature
of human interactions all play a key role.

Unfortunately these aspects are often overlooked, leading to only partially accessible and sometimes inaccessible

Planning for access includes events such as:

Access Assessment

Right This Way will visit your event and conduct a thorough inspection for accessibility.

We will write a report noting existing accessible aspects and recommendations for improving future events.

Event Site Inspection

Right This Way will conduct an inspection of the site proposed for your up-coming event.

Recommendations for ensuring event accessibility will be provided in writing.

Event Planning for Equal Access

Right This Way will work with your organizing committee at the early planning stages to guide them through the process of planning for accessibility.

We will give you the skills and information necessary to plan and prepare for the event in a manner that will be accessible to the diverse population in attendance.

Co-ordinating Access and Accommodation Services

Right This Way will coordinate a team of expert accommodation service providers on your behalf.

We will also work with your event marketers to promote your progressive approach to access and to ensure attendees know the event will be accessible.

Right This Way contracts with highly skilled, experienced and accredited individuals in order to maintain the highest quality of professional service.

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind Right This Way provides by eliminating the time consuming and difficult process of finding trained, experienced and qualified accommodation services providers.

Accessible Event Training

Right This Way will provide training seminars for organizers, marketing departments, hosts, presenters, performers, staff and volunteers.

We will give them the knowledge, skills and etiquette required for welcoming and serving guests with a wide range of disabilities. The advantage to clients is they develop skills and awareness that leads to greater success and better accessibility during the event.

Consulting Services

Training Seminars

All training seminars are tailored to the needs of each company, organization
and department and delivered to meet the learning styles of all participants.

Multiple Intelligences on-line tests available for all participants.

Results can be provided to participants and employers.